American Women, Brown-Eyed Girls, and All the Single Ladies.

Why do we use the terms that we do to describe people with two X chromosomes? It’s worth thinking about. When should we use girl, woman, or an alternative such as lady?

From Happy Feminism:

“The question then is: why isn’t it as offensive to call an adult woman a “girl” as it is to call an adult male a “boy.” Is it just because women have accepted a lower position in society or does the term “girl” just not carry the same negativity associated with the term “boy”?

Regardless of which word you use, it’s important to know the impact of your words. Each word categorizes its subject with a fixed meaning, so it is crucial that our words categorizing people maintain equality.”


Why the difference?
Girl 2.(b) sometimes offensive: a female servant
Boy 1. often offensive: a male servant

via Should We Be Offended By the Term “Girl”?.


About andsometimessex

Blair is a PhD student with an interest in science, gender equality, sex culture, art, and talking about oneself in the third person.
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