“Nice Girls” touch themselves. Down there.

When I started as a freshman in college, part of our orientation was sex education with Sue Johanson (you may not have heard of her, but she is a pretty big deal in my country of origin). This involved an outdoor concert-like setting where thousands of horny 18-year-olds – at the cusp of their first year of independence – listened to an old woman on stage tell them about sex.

I was told what to expect – she would tell us to practice safe sex for a bit and then take questions from the audience. One of those questions would inevitably be “show us how to put a condom on with your mouth!” and she would demonstrate.

However, she did say one thing that I had never heard an “adult” say before:

Girls – you need to masturbate!

She extended her message not just to the college-aged women sitting in front of her, but also to their younger sisters or future daughters. Most boys learn to orgasm as soon as they can, why shouldn’t girls? If practice makes perfect, why are we letting boys have a 4-6 year head start on sexual satisfaction?

Now, I may be telling you something you already know, but it warrants repeating.


If you don’t trust the Canadians (who doesn’t trust the Canadians?), here is a similar message from Dr. Ruth.

If you doubt whether or not these ladies’ wisdom is up-to-date, recent studies show that teenage girls do not familiarize themselves with their body as much as boys. If progress is being made, it’s slow going.

So if you are a Mom, Dad, sex educator or just a person with an opinion – consider treating both sexes equally when it comes to masturbation. Embracing the fun parts of sexual development for all could go a long way to closing the orgasm gap and promoting gender equality between the sheets.

Now, go get your vibrator (or your sleeve if you sport a penis) and click over to your favourite dirty tumblr. If you don’t have any toys, it may be time to make an investment.


About andsometimessex

Blair is a PhD student with an interest in science, gender equality, sex culture, art, and talking about oneself in the third person. https://twitter.com/andsometimesSex
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