Gendered crayons.

Gendered crayons? (from feminist philosophers, or original here)

Gendered crayons?

No black crayons for princesses! Even your outlines must be princess-colored! No green either – too bad if you wanted to draw trees. Boys, don’t you dare press too lightly with that red, that would defeat the purpose of denying you pink.

(It also strikes me how many products geared to boys are themed with an object –trucks, cars, trains, etc – and girls’ are a “character” such as a princess. We tell boys what they should like and we tell girls who they should be.)

Kudos, however, to Crayola, for not gendering any of their crayon offerings. The closest they come is the font for glitter crayons, but it’s still the most-gender neutral packaging for something glittery that I’ve come across. Even their pink-tone collection features an un-gendered crayon mascot (and pink is only one of many color collections).


Unfortunately the same can’t be said for ALL their product lines. To save you the trouble, there is no “boys activities” section of the website. (you can enter in manually and it directs you to ALL products)


About andsometimessex

Blair is a PhD student with an interest in science, gender equality, sex culture, art, and talking about oneself in the third person.
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