Don’t Try to Get a Child to Conform to Gender Expectations

Happy Feminism

Caroline Hax writes an advice column for the Washington Post, accompanied by the work of “relationship cartoonist” Nick Galifianakis. In this particular article, a child’s grandmother asks for advice on how to remedy her lack of girlish interests. Hax provides a wonderful response illustrating how arbitrary the lines we draw around gender really are and the importance of accepting each person as is – especially when the majority of society will not.
Don’t Try to Get a Child to Conform to Gender
by Carolyn Hax

Dear Carolyn:

Our granddaughter’s behavior is causing our family a great concern and anxiety. She is 8, attends an all-girls school, is very good in studies and tops in tests. She is very athletic and enjoys taking part in only boys’ sports, such as martial arts. She likes to wear only boys’ clothes and cuts her hair very short like a boy. The only time…

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Blair is a PhD student with an interest in science, gender equality, sex culture, art, and talking about oneself in the third person.
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