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Blair is a PhD student with an interest in science, gender equality, sex culture, art, and talking about oneself in the third person.

Don’t Try to Get a Child to Conform to Gender Expectations

Originally posted on Happy Feminism:
Caroline Hax writes an advice column for the Washington Post, accompanied by the work of “relationship cartoonist” Nick Galifianakis. In this particular article, a child’s grandmother asks for advice on how to remedy her lack of…

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Mature Content Warning

Reblogged from Think Banned Thoughts

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Gendered crayons.

Gendered crayons? (from feminist philosophers, or original here) No black crayons for princesses! Even your outlines must be princess-colored! No green either – too bad if you wanted to draw trees. Boys, don’t you dare press too lightly with that red, … Continue reading

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Pen & Ink Porn, Part II: Conveying Sensuality Through Sight Alone.

In light of the open call for submissions for Smut Peddler 2014 (A lady-made collection of comic erotica – buy the previous version), I thought I would do another post about sexy comics. Last time I told you my favorites, now … Continue reading

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Great contribution in NY Times by Sally Haslanger; comments not so much

Originally posted on Feminist Philosophers:
This week the NY Times will have five articles by and about women in philosophy. Sally’s is a great beginning. A sample: With these numbers, you don’t need sexual harassment or racial harassment to prevent…

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One Reason Why False Rape Allegation Statistics Are So High

Originally posted on Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog:
Guest Post by Dana Hunter (originally published on En Tequila Es Verdad at FreeThought Blogs) Men, even good men, believe women lie about rape. There’s this myth that runs amok saying that some…

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Why do men have nipples?


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Morning feminism is my favorite kind of feminism.

ALL MORNING. Because I spent this morning at my desk indulging in page after page of pro-gender-equality journalism (don’t tell my boss), I thought I would at least share some of it! It started with this one (thanks facebook friends): … Continue reading

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My thoughts on porn

I will eventually blog about porn/feminist porn myself, but for now VulgarVag’s post hit’s the nail on the head. Stay tuned for a post on the psychology of porn once I do my research ;-).

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American Women, Brown-Eyed Girls, and All the Single Ladies.

Why do we use the terms that we do to describe people with two X chromosomes? It’s worth thinking about. When should we use girl, woman, or an alternative such as lady? From Happy Feminism: “The question then is: why … Continue reading

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